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Tierra de Castilla y Leon

Bodegas Casto Pequeño

Bodegas Casto Pequeño, located in the village of Valderas in the region of  Castilla y Leon, was established over 25 years ago by two partners, an oenologist Casto Pequeño and a winemaker Alberto Gutierrez. Today Casto is 95 years old and the oldest oenologist in Spain, while his partner Alberto is one of the most well known Spanish winemakers. Verdejo has been planted in this area for over a thousand years and it's believed it was brought to Spain by Mozarabs, a historic and modern population that migrated from North Africa. While the vines date back for centuries, in the 19th Century many white grape varietals in Spain were mostly wiped out by the Phylloxera crisis.  However in the last few decades several producers have realized that Verdejo is best grown in this cooler region, with its harsh winters and poor soils and that there was potential in recovering this traditional grape varietal of Spain. Today Verdejo is considered the signature white grape of Spain.

 Casto Pequeno lies in the production zone of Tierra de Castilla y Leon where the dark grey-brown stoney soil is rich in calcium and magnesium with good ventilation and drainage and with limestone outcropings on the hilltops.  Their harvest takes place at night in the third week of September so that the grapes enter the cellar at the lower night-time temperature of between 10-15°C instead of the daytime temperature which in September can reach as high as 18 or 30°C.  Lower temperatures mean less oxidation or browning of the juice and that the aromas and the full-bodied softness and taste of the wine are retained.

Quinta Hinojal Verdejo

Quinta Hinojal Verdejo