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Prosecco Superiore Vigna del Paradiso

During the preparation of Prosecco, the most important rule is to respect what nature has given and keep any technical intervention to an absolute minimum. The grapes are pressed gently to obtain the best must and then left to rest for 10-12 hours at a controlled temperature.  It is then decanted, yeasts are added, and left to ferment at 18-20°C.  The result is a richly scented wine, which after a few months of natural refermentation becomes a beautiful wine that overwhelms the palate with a velvety softness and a lively effervescence.  It is straw-colored with a fruity scent of peach, apple, pear and a hint of citrus fruits which tend toward a floral fragrance; rich,fresh and clean sensation on the palate.


Served chilled, the Montesel Prosecco is an apéritif “par excellence,” also a perfect accompaniment to soups, pastas with delicate sauces, fresh cheese and fine white meats.