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Prosecco Superiore Brut - Riva dei Fiori

The grapes are pressed gently to obtain the best must and then left to rest for 10-12 hours at a controlled temperature.  It is then decanted, yeasts are added, and its left to ferment at 18-20°C.  The result is a richly scented wine, which after a few months of natural refermentation becomes a beautiful wine that overwhelms the palate with a velvety softness and a lively effervescence.  It has a pale straw-color with greenish reflections and a flowery bouquet reminiscent of apples and acacia flowers.        

Served chilled, Montesel Brut is a beautiful wine to enjoy at any time as an apéritif  or as a perfect companion to fish dishes, white meats, or pastas with delicate sauses.