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Renzo and Vania Montesel carry on a tradition in making this beautiful wine that not only dates back generations in their family, but in the history of Italy.

Ancient etymology suggests that “Conegliano” derives from “Colle di Giano” (the hills of Japheth) and that its founder Japheth, the third son of Noah – according to Genesis – discovered viticulture and winemaking. Conegliano is the institutional center of Prosecco culture and one of the most important oenelogical centers of Italy: the Oeneological Society of Treviso originates from the first years of the Italian nation. In 2010 the Conegliano – Valdobbiadene area was recognized as the only zone authorized to produce Prosecco Superiore  D.O.C.G  and today Prosecco is the best selling sparkling wine in Italy.

The Prosecco vine is indigenous and has been cultivated in the hills of Conegliano-Valdobbiadene since 1800. Its origins are linked to “Pucino,” a wine that was well known and appreciated in Roman times. Here the vines grow in their ideal environment; the composition of soil, hills exposed to plenty of sunlight, frequent and abundant rainfall, constant mild temperatures between April and October and strong marked variations in temperature in the ripening period. The grapes, which grow in large bunches, are round or slightly oval, yellow with a thin skin which releases a rich perfume during the late grape harvest. The timing of the grape harvest followed by a carefully monitored vinification do the rest. During the preparation of Prosecco the most important rule is to respect what nature has given and keep any technical intervention to an absolute minimum.
                            Prosecco Superiore