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This wine is obtained from a scrupulous and particular selection of the Sangiovese Grosso (Brunello) grapes which are products of the select 40 year old vines on the Losi-Querciavalle Estate.

The cycle of vinification of these grapes gets stopped to prolong the period of contact with the skins and must. Then, after separating the wine from the lees (dregs) the period of initiating maturation begins, first in French Barrique and then in small Slavonic Oak barrels. After the wood maturation, the wine is then bottled and left for a brief period to rest in the bottle for further refinement.

The actual periods of maturation in both the barrique and the bottles is difficult to say because it varies with each production, since the characteristics of the grapes are so diverse.

The color is an intense ruby red with granite reflections. The aroma is intense with a hint of vanilla and spice, a full, smooth flavor and elegant structure. The flavor of this wine is so aristocratic it is an indispensible accompaniment to any lunch or important dinner. To appreciate all of the superb qualities of Armonia, we recommend decanting for two hours and serving at room temperature.