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The “Chianti Classico” product of the Azienda F.lli Losi (Losi Brothers) has its origin a very long time ago in the small production of an artisan winemaker, who nourished the particular vineyards that extend on the slope of the hills of Pontignano in the zone of Vagliagli near Siena. Happily this land was exposed in such a manner to absorb all the benefit and influences of the warmth and energy of the sun.

The Azienda “Querciavalle”, a family of Chianti makers since 1870, produce the Chianti Classico and also the Riserva, the Rosso of the Colli della Toscana Centrale denomination “Armonia” and a Vin Santo. In fact when these estates were denominated “Querciavalle” they took the actual name of the product which has been chosen by a commission of experts in the region as the “Vino Chianti Classico of the League of Chianti”.

In 1974 Cavaliere Tranquilo Losi*, a distinguished member of the Losi family and an intelligent man with a passionate love of his wine, initiated a more contempory system of production. Thus began the first bottles labelled with the characteristic label that we see today in the most prestigious wine shops and restaurants.

The children and grandchildren of the hard-working head of the family continue the work of their ancestors with passion and love, and have taken the wine to a truly optimum level. The complete process of the vinification of this wine has many phases which continues today, based on the most genuine traditional Tucan Governo style. Querciavalle is a Governo style Chianti Classico in its purest form. In this type of winemaking a small amount of unfermented must from dried grapes is added to the new wine, causing a slight secondary fermentation that is said to add freshness. All the Losi-Querciavalle products are produced with the maximum winemaking integrity that has been a well established tradition in the Losi family for more than 100 years, without compromise, and solely on wines of ultimate quality and authenticity shown in the history of century old experience.

These wines have been a constant recipient of merits and awards by the knowledgeable wine drinking trade. They have the unquestionable, intense, intriguing richness of a true Chianti Classico, with a rich, red garnet color and an intense ethereal bouquet of earth, berries, and a distant aroma of wild violets.

*The title Cavaliere is bestowed on only those that show a high degree of excellence in their profession