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Villa Albergotti Chianti Riserva

The Albergotti family is an aristocratic Aretino family that, as noble rulers, have influenced the history of not only the city but the Province.  In fact, in the history of Arezzo, the central story of the city is still dedicated to the Albergotti family.  One of the descendents of this noble family is Dr. Enrico Albergotti who holds the title of Barone and is also the original founder of the Cantina.  He is the proprietor of vineyards in the locality of Ceciliano, a hilly zone in the community of Arezzo.  For over 25 years the Barone has been the devoted Vice-President of the Cantina and is the President of the Provincial Union of Agriculture.
The Cantina uses the latest most technically advanced Ganimede method of fermentation and maceration.  *Macro oxygenation is used during the fermentation process whereby a bypass in the Ganimede tank opens every 3 hours to do the rimontaggio (punching down the skins that have floated to the top), but before the bypass opens, it gives one minute of oxygen through an injection process on the bottom of the tank. This favors the multiplication of the yeast cells and affords optimum fermentation which augments the intensity and stability of the color and the noble tannins in the wine.  *Micro oxygenation is used during the maceration process whereby a constant quantity of oxygen is given through specific injections which is the same amount of oxygen that would naturally flow through the wood in barrels. This allows for a longer time on the skins and by doing so enhances the flavors, structure and volume of the wine. Micro infusion is also fundamental to softening, rounding and stabilizing the wine.
The grapes are hand harvested, destemmed and fermented below 30°C with *macro oxygenation for 6-9 days, then decanted and transferred into stainless for maceration on the skins for 4-6 months with *micro oxygenation.  The wine is then aged for 12-18 months in four different ways: 75% in both English and Slavonic oak barrels, 15% in stainless with micro oxygenation, 5% in American barrique and 5% in French barrique, with an additional 2 months in the bottle.  This is an intense, ruby red wine that has a prestigious full-bodied flavor that’s dry and well-balanced, with good structure and a finish reminiscent of wild berries. Complements steaks, burgers, earthy mushroom dishes, pastas with tomato or meat sauces and seasoned cheeses.  Serve at room temperature.

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