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Barone Albergotti

Rosso di Toscana
The Albergotti family is an aristocratic Aretina family that, as noble rulers, have influence of note in the history of not only the city, but the Province. In fact, in the history of Arezzo, the central story of the city is still dedicated to the Albergotti family. One of the descendents of this noble family is Dr. Enrico Albergotti, who holds the title of Barone, and is the original founder of the Cantina. He is the proprietor of twelve hectares of vineyards in the locality of Ceciliano, a hilly zone in the community of Arezzo, where the highest grade grapes of his vineyards are used to make the Rosso Barone Albergotti. For 25 years the Barone has been the caring Vice-President of the Cantina and is the President of the Provincial Union of Agriculture. The noble wine of Barone Albergotti-Rosso di Toscana, has been named in honor of this noble Baron. It is made from a blend of Sangiovese, Cabernet Sauvignon, Canaiolo, and a small portion of other indigenous red grape varietals. The grapes are cold pressed with prolonged maceration under temperature controlled conditions. The traditional Tuscan governo-style of wine making is also employed in the making of this wine , with the periodic natural decanting (drawing off) the addition of fresh must and the maturation of the wine in Slavonic oak barrels (in underground cellars). After 12 months of barrel aging, the wine is filtered and bottled under completely sterilized conditions. The wine then rests for three months in the bottles before being released into the marketplace. This noble wine has an intense, persistent and delicately vanilla flavor with hints of mature fruit. The taste is dry, full-bodied and well structured with the characteristic scent of berries, vanilla and wood. A wonderful compliment to robust meals of game, barbecued meats, spicy cheeses and all types of pastas with tasty sauces. Serve at room temperature.