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Cantina dell'Aretino

Cantina dei Vini Tipici dell 'Arentino is a Association that began in 1970 with 57 members and today has over 500 Associates that own over 800 hectares of specialized vineyards in the province of Arezzo in the countryside of Tuscany. The Cantina lies in the rolling Tuscan hills which are ideally suited to the cultivation of high quality grapes. By law the member vineyards must deliver their entire harvest to the Cantina. None of their grape harvest is kept for their own private sale, hence the quality of the Cantina's wines is kept at a very high level. The growers of these historic hillsides are very aware that quality pays. All the Chianti from the Cantina is made in the typical Tuscan Governo-style. The grapes are hand picked, exclusively, then carefully sorted into boxes. They are then cold pressed, under temperature-controlled conditions with subsequent prolonged maceration in order to enhance the fragrances and retain the color continuity from the skins. Drawing off (natural decanting) into small stainless steel tanks, successive decanting and the toscano-governo method of adding small amounts of must of unfermented (fresh) slightly withered grapes, second fermentation in oak in underground cellars at a constant temperature, periodic decanting and the successive phase of maturation in Slavonic oak casks, are the typical stages that the Cantina employs in the making of all their Chianti.