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Orus Nero D'Avola

The Russo family of winemakers dates back to the mid 1800’s when Don Vincenzo Russo began planting and cultivating vines of indigenus grape varietals and working tirelessly in his cellar to create and produce well-balanced wines with good structure, not only for his family to enjoy, but to fulfill his dream of one day selling his wines to others.Today, four generations later, his great grandchildren, Francesco & Gina Russo, produce quality wines using the vast experience and winemaking traditions that have been passed down from generation to generation.  Their winery, equipped with the latest technology, is set in the middle of the Crasà Pompeo vineyard (one of 3 vineyards owned by the Russo’s in this area) located on the lower slopes of Etna Nat’l Park, known as Europe’s largest active volcano.  Nero d’Avola is a warm, ruby red wine that pairs well with pasta dishes, steaks, chops and cheeses.  


Production Area:   Sambuca di Sicilia (Agrigento) Sicily                               


Grape Varietal:      100% Nero d’Avola


Sam Levitas,
Aug 5, 2011, 8:38 AM