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Tenute Soletta

Tenute Soletta is situated in the town of Codrongianos, 15 km from Sassari on the beautiful island of Sardegna in the heart of the Mediterranean Sea, which is famous all over the world for its ancient nuragic villages.  The nuraghe is an ancient, grandiose, half-cone shaped stone construction that can be seen to this day throughout the entire island of Sardegna, and still holds a mystery as to its exact use or to the origin of the people who built them and lived in them.  The Sardo label reproduces the map of a nuragic village.

     For Umberto Soletta, Wine, with a capital “W”, is the result of a long journey that starts by giving the right attention to the vines so that a normal manual harvest is possible.  He is a dedicated, artful winemaker who believes if you treat the Earth with love and respect, the Earth will provide you with very good fruit.  In fact, Umberto is still cultivating a vineyard that he planted with his dad and uncles when he was only 5 years old.  Through the years he has continued to work the soil, and has kept an important family tradition alive, which has become his mission, knowing that the value of the wine also depends on the quality of the place where it grows. In the cellar, order, cleanliness and absolute hygiene, the systematic délestage and fermentation, and the refining processes, characterize the environment where the artist’s touch translates into reality the delicate choices that give each wine their own unique style. Thanks to the scrupulous attention to the entire production chain and the favorable climatic conditions that the territory enjoys, the wines of Tenute Soletta are characterized by very high standards of quality.