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Le Petrose

Primitivo del Tarantino
The Le Petrose vineyard is in the geographic area of Tarantino which is a larger production area than the Mandurian DOC area. While the production area is larger, the quality of the grapes is high, giving wine with a high bric sugar content and an alcohol content of 14%.

The harvest generally takes place in the second half of September when the grapes are completely matured. They are left to macerate on the skins for several days, at which time the “must” is separated from the rest of the juice and fermented separately under temperature control to sharpen the aroma that is present. The maturation goes on for several months in amphorae vasks after which the mature juice is added to the must and the refinement is completed in barrique. The wine is then further refined in the bottle, at low temperatures, in order to give us the full benefit of all this wine’s beautiful characteristics.

Rich ruby red in color and with excellent balance and full fruit flavors, Le Petrose is a superb compliment to red meats, game and spicy cheeses. Serve at room temperature.