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Nero di Troia

The Uve di Troia, supposedly linked to the Puglian town of Troia, experts say the name refers to Troy in Asia Minor and was brought by the ancient Greeks to Apulia.  It’s one of southern Italy’s most influential red varietals.  The grapes are harvested in late October and fermented in stainless steel tanks with frequent delestage.  When the malolactic fermentation, that gives the wine softer, more pleasant characteristics, is completed, the wine is aged for ten months in stainless steel tanks with a further two months in the bottle before release.  The aroma is full and fragrant hinting of raspberries and blueberries and the taste is full and robust with great body.  It’s a perfect match with red meats, roasts, game, ripe cheeses and salami.  Serve at room temperature.