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The Monterocca winery is located at the foot of the historic, imposing Castel del Monte in the heart of the sunny northwestern region of Apulia. The cellar lies in a former renowned 17th century monastery marked by thick stone walls and perfectly preserved cellars that are 8 meters (30 ft) underground - an ideal place for maturation and aging of high quality wines. In 1948 the winery, which was originally established in nearby Palo del Colle in 1920, purchased the monastery and the surrounding vineyards with the aim of expanding estate owned vineyards and to produce noble wines from the indigenous grape varietals typical of the region.  Today, after extensive modernizing and technological upgrading in the cellar together with the 200 estate owned hectares of vineyards in the Castel del Monte area and the additional hectares of leased vineyards located in various parts of Apulia, the winery is producing wines from grape varietals that cover the entire Apulian area, incorporating ancient traditions with modern technology resulting in superb wines of a special taste and culture.

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