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Vigna del Parroco


In the hills northeast of Asti, in the community of Castagnole Monferrato, lies the family vineyards and winery of Francesco Borgognone who acquired the well known Vigna del Parroco (Vineyard of the Parish Priest) in 1994. Although it remains somewhat of a mystery, it is suggested that the ruchè varietal name comes from ”rocche” (meaning rocks) considering that this vine can be planted in calcerous-clay soil and tolerate dry weather without any loss of the quality of the fruit. The historial origin also suggests the connection to the Benedictine monastery “The Monastery of the Rocche” situated close to Castagnole Monferrato, where the monks were responsible for safeguarding the artistic wealth and culture of the Roman Empire and may well have saved the vine, which was later named after the monastery.

One must however credit the intuitiveness of Don Giacomo Cauda, the parish priest of Castagnole from 1964, for the rediscovery and relaunching of this epoch wine, only known and consumed at that time by the local people on special occasions. In fact, convinced that this wine was a gift from God and so dedicated was he to this venture, that after mass and his care of the souls of the faithful, he would don his cassock and go to the fields to bless the tractor to take care of the souls of the little Ruchè vine shoots. Francesco Borgognone has carried on this dedication since his first days of ownership of this vineyard and with his love, artistic sensitivity and skilled craftsmanship, produces an exceptional Ruchèthat has received prestigious recognition.

This incredible Ruchè has a beautiful ruby red color with violet reflections, and intense aromas reminiscent of violets, wild roses, raspberries and hazelnuts. It has a long lasting aromatic taste with nuances of a velvery ripe apricot, a slightly withered rose and an apple preserved in syrup and honey. A excellent wine to serve with all manner of autumn-winter dishes, and well seasoned cheeses. Serve at room temperature.