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Figini Gavi

This wine is produced with 100% Cortese grape varietal, harvested exclusively from the Figini owned vineyards, which are located within the township of Gavi. Only Gavi produced within this township can be called Gavi di Gavi. Miss Figini is the wife of the noted Roberto Bergaglio, who acts as cellarmaster and winemaker for her. The wine is produced with the method of early separation of the "must" from its pulp and skins. The separated clear "must" is then allowed to ferment using special yeast which have been bred from year to year from the finest grape harvests. The "must" is then fermented under a temperature-controlled system. The high quality of the grape harvest and the method of vinification enables Figini to offer product which is delicate and lean in body, but at the same time, rich of all its fruits and fragrance.
This is a fine wine for just sipping, or to serve with hors d'oeuvres and salads or lean white meats and shellfish. Serve chilled.