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Cairel Wines

The road that winds its way up the ridge which runs from Alba towards Bossolasco, reaches Cascina Cheirello, home of the Rivetti family’s renowned Cairel wines.  Seventeen hectares of vineyards spread out like a large cloak around the charming farmhouse and winery operated by the fourth generation Rivetti family winemaker, Stefano. The hills of the Langhe surrounding Alba, one of the most famous wine-growing areas in the world, have spoken the language of tradition and of the intelligent toil of man since time immemorial.  With each vintage, the new wine, always different and particular, stirs up emotions, fosters friendships and encourages hospitality. Stefano’s dedication in the skillful handling of the vineyards, low yields, expertise in the cellar and scrupulous wine-making techniques, together bring us wines of the highest quality.