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Marche Sangiovese

“Fedus”, a Latin word meaning “pact” was chosen in honor of the historical pact between the local Piceni and the Romans in 293 B.C. and in this case to honor the pact the San Savino and the great potential of this grape varietal. Made from 100% Sangiovese from 30 year old vineyards; hand-harvested and carefully sorted, the maceration and fermentation lasts about 14 days followed by aging in small barrels for 12-15 months.

Fedus has an deep ruby red color with violet hues. It has an intense spectrum of diversified aromas; a scent of small red fruits accompanied by the sensations of coffee, leather and hay. On the palate it has an elegant vitality, a rich fruit taste and an intense finish laced with noble tannins. A perfect partner to all types of grand meals. Serve at room temperature.