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Azienda Torti – Teniment Castelrotto – is located in a triangular area formed by Santa Maria della Versa, Montecalvo Versiggia and Rocca d é Giorgi, in the southwest of Lombardy’s Oltrepò Pavese wine zone, flanked by Piedmont and Emilia Romania. The majority of the wine of Lombardy comes from this zone, whose greatest contribution to viticulture came after they learned about winemaking from the Greeks around 600 BC. Oltrepò Pavese refers to the location, across the Po from Pavia, and is still sometimes referred to as Antico Piedmonte. In the beginning of the century Giovanni Torti began cultivating vineyards in this ideal position, where the hills rise abruptly south of the Po towards the Apennines. The soil is variations of chalk, calcareous, and clay formations and the climate is relatively mild, characterized by a hot dry spell, coupled with cooling breezes, in late summer and autumn that favors full ripening of the grapes. Enrico Torti, Giovanni’s son, learned the wine business from his father and today Dino Torti, Giovanni’s grandson, together with his wife Giusy and daughters Patrizia and Laura, own and operate the business. Dino has perfected the operation by selecting better plots of land with proper exposure to the sun and thermal paths, the biological structure of the vines and reduction of yield per hectar, and applying new techniques in vinification and bottling in order to obtain the absolute best wine possible.