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Pinot Grigio

Pinot Grigio originated from a cloning mutation of the Pinot Nero varietal which, excluding the color, has kept many of the same characteristics. Pinot Grigio wines were brought originally to Friuli from the French area of Burgundy and its cultivation has spread all through the Northeastern part of Italy. Friuli has proven to be the most suitable area for the production of high quality Pinot Grigio. The grapes are hand picked in September then soft pressed and fermented under temperature control and refined in stainless steel for 4 months with an additional 2 months in the bottle before release. This is a beautiful pale straw-colored wine with a full, prominent fragrance reminiscent of walnut marrow and a refined aroma of fresh hay and wild honey. The taste is dry, flavorful and full with a fruity aroma and an elegant lingering finish of toasted hazelnuts. A fine complement served with antipasti, pasta dishes, omlettes, fish, and light white meats, or can be enjoyed alone as a fine sipping wine. Serve chilled.

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