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Organic Pecorino

These vineyards are situated on rolling plains at approximately 200 meters above sea level and cover an area of about 3 hectares centered indirectly around 10 year old vines.  The harvest takes place in the first 10 days of September.  The enological process, like the vineyards and grapes are totally checked by the Ente Certificante (Organic Board) prohibiting any use of synthetic chemical elements. The fermentation begins with only one day on the skins followed by 7-10 days without the skins in stainless steel containers.  The wine then rests in stainless for 3-4 months under a controlled temperature then bottled and remains in the bottle for 3-4 months before release into the marketplace.  Pecorino has a pale straw color with aromas of citrus and wildflowers, and a taste that’s fresh and pleasantly aromatic with an aftertaste that leaves a fresh clean taste on the palate. Delightful paired with shellfish, fried or smoked fish, light pasta dishes or pre-cooked light meats, and medium flavored cheeses.  Can also be enjoyed as an aperitif or simply as a sipping wine.  Serve chilled.

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