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The Frentana winery who’s won many accolades and awards for having one of the most efficiently operated wine growing associations in Abruzzo, has now added Organic wines to their prestigious portfolio. Because the vineyards produce grapes with Organic Certification, a three year conversion period is necessary.  As a general principal they need to choose areas that are best suited to the cultivation of vines, and naturally, eliminating areas more susceptible to diseases. The techniques of agricultural crop management are similar to the vineyards governed in a conventional manner. However in the organic vineyards the Disiplinare (Regulating Board) requires that only manure of an organic origine can be used. Green Manure, from vegetation, is most beneficial since it enriches the soil with nitrogen and the residual organics go into the stems of the plants.

            Minor work of the land and tending to limit any vigor to the plants gives the vineyard an equilibrium that will turn naturally into a self defense mechanism against crittogame (vine mildew). The Disiplinare provides for intervention in defense of Peronospora (a type of parasite) by using only products with a copper base limit of 6kg./ha on an average of five years.  In defense of Oidio (a genre of fungus that leaves a white felt-like coating on the fruit) it’s acceptable to utilize sulfur to dampen or dust the plant, and to defend against insect damage Bacillus or Spinosad are used  (both are natural products and approved for use in organic agriculture in many nations)