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Abruzzo Cococciola DOC

In the general rediscovery and value of indigenous Italian vines, Cantina Frentana discovered almost unexpectedly, the Cococciola, a white-berry, indigenous vine that is peculiar to the territory of Rocca San Giovanni, with maximum dissemination in Abruzzo. This vine is found in very small quantities in other Italian regions, Puglia among others, and being strictly related (according to recent genetic studies) to an excellent and much better known Pugliese vine Bombino bianco, well known enough in fact, to be treated as “a varietal of noble lineage”. Once considered as a good blending grape because of its ability to equalize must imbalance, Cococciola had never been studied as a serious grape of merit.  Cantina Frentana has made a beautiful pure Cococciola wine (in purezza) proving that this is indeed a grape with noble genes, that can proudly stand on its own. Harvested in the second week of September; the grapes are soft pressed and fermented in stainless steel at a controlled temperature. The wine remains on it lees with periodic rimontaggio, followed by 2 months in the bottle before release.  It has a pale straw color with golden reflections. The characteristic that is immediate with this wine is its freshness, rich with notes of apple and melon and light herbal essences. Delightful as an aperitif or to enjoy with all types of seafood dishes, shellfish and light meats.  Serve chilled.