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Costa del Mulino

Abruzzo DOC

The wine producing vineyards of Cantina Frentana are located within the land boundaries of the Frentana village, which lies south-east of the Apennine mountains near the historic city of Luciano in the very heart of the Abruzzo wine producing region.  The Frentana winery praises itself for having one of the most efficiently operated wine growing co-operatives in Abruzzo.  Frentana began in the late fifties with a few small selected vineyards and wine growers, and in the last forty years has grown to more than 400 members.  These growers are assisted throughout the entire grape growing season, right up to the harvest, by the highly qualified Frentana staff (which includes an agronomist and enologist) in an approach aimed at very specific grape yields considered worthy of wines with the traditional Frentana standard of quality.  All the latest, most up-to-date wine making equipment and techniques are used together with a wealth of collective historical winemaking knowledge, to produce great Frentana wines.

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