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Terre del Fohn Muller Thurgau

    The vineyard is named Terre del Fohn after the "Fohn" which is a warm dry wind that blows down along the leeward side of the mountain.  The micro-climate that's influenced by the "Fohn" gives the vines a fertile terrain for producing grapes with great potential.
The MüllerThurgau grape varietal is named after Dr. Herman Müller, the Swiss researcher who, in 1882, cross-bred Reisling and Chasselas grape stocks to make this new grape.  It’s adaptable to the cold climate of mountain areas and ripens early. For this reason cultivation is widespread in Trentino where it has found an ideal habitat on the high mountain slopes.  After the harvest the grapes are initially cold macerated then soft pressed, vinified in stainless steel tanks and refined in the bottle before release.  Müller Thurgau is a pale yellow colored wine with intense floral aromas and hints of peaches, pears and sage and a dry fresh, delicious taste that is excellent as an aperitif.  It’s particularly elegant when paired with cheese soufflés, pasta with seafood sauces, grilled shrimp, broiled fish or mushrooms.  Serve chilled.