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Teroldego Rotaliano

Teroldego is unanimously considered the prince of Trentino wines.  The vine is native to Trentino and takes its name from a village called Teroldeghe.  The fundamental characteristic of this varietal is that it grows and gives its best only in the Plains of Rotaliano where the soil is the result of alluvial detritus (sand, clay and gravel) deposited by the Noce River.  Teroldego was first cited in 1480 and mentioned in literature at the 16th century Council of Trent as a noble red wine. After the harvest the grapes are initially fermented on the skins then soft pressed. The juice is then drawn off and goes through the malolactic fermentation under a controlled temperature followed by a few months of refinement in stainless steel tanks and in the bottle before release.  Teroldego Rotaliano is a beautiful ruby red color, intense and fruity with blackberry and blueberry aromas.  It’s full & warm with a rounded softness that pairs well with grilled meats and strongly flavored cheeses.  Serve a room temperature.