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San Lorenzo

San Lorenzo takes its name from Saint Lawrence whose Saint’s Day is August 10th, the night of the falling stars, and by which time the grapes are already beginning to darken.  The San Lorenzo (St. Lawrence) vine came to Trentino from nearby Austria in the first half of the 19th century.  In those days, like now, red grapes didn’t always ripen fully in the mountains.  San Lorenzo, with it’s grapes that ripen early, solved the problem.  At low altitudes it’s harvested by the end of August, while at higher altitudes it’s harvested a short time later, then fermented on the skins.  After 18 days the juice is drawn off and goes through malolactic fermentation followed by a few months in stainless steel and further aging in the bottle before release. San Lorenzo is an intense red velvet color with a distinctly fruity bouquet and a pleasantly fresh taste with subtle red fruit notes.   It can be enjoyed with light and delicate dishes or all throughout the meal.  Serve at room temperature.