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Cantine Monfort’s history is deeply tied to Lorenzo Simoni and his family.  In 1945 his grandfather Giovanni, his son, and his two brothers set up the Simoni family winery in Palù di Giovo in Trentino’s Valle di Cembra  where they sold wines made from grapes from their own vineyards as well as grapes they bought from other farmers in the area.  By 1951 they were able to move to larger premises and in 1965 they bought the cellars of Palazzo Monfort where they stored their cement tanks and oak casks.   In 1977 Lorenzo’s father and eventually Lorenzo and his brother Michele took over the winery.  To be personally involved was stimulating to Lorenzo who as a boy would help out during the summer and for the harvest and would think of the things he would do if the business was his. Thankfully his father believed in his abilities and welcomed his ideas that have proven to be very successful. In the late 90’s they rebuilt the cellar and added a large room of stainless steel vats and 500 liter casks as well as the prestigious French barriques.  With his sense of innovation and without forgetting the past, and in his quest to continue to produce incredible wines and pay homage to the history of his native Trentino today Lorenzo works together with his son Federico in a new project to revive old indigenous vines and plants that old documents have indicated were abandoned at the end of the 19th century.