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Malbec - Chemin de Compostelle


The grapes are harvested from September 28th to October 3rd then carefully sorted for ripeness and macerated on the skins for 15-25 days at a temperature of 28°C after which the juice is pumped off into stainless steel vats.  The macerated skins and pulp are then pressed and added to the vats for the temperature controlled fermentation period with daily remotage (pumping the wine over the cap of skins that have floated to the top) which extracts complexities of color and flavors from the juice and skins. The wine is then separated from the lees (which have dropped to the bottom under the influence of the cold temperature).  Half of the wine then goes into both new and 1-2 year old oak barrels for nine  months after which it’s returned to the vats, and remixed with the other half of the wine that remained, for several months of further aging with micro-oxygenation (the infusion of oxygen through specific injections which is the same amount of oxygen that would naturally flow through the wood in barrels).  This process enhances the flavors and structure as well as softening, rounding and stabilizing the wine. After bottling the wine is left to rest for two months before release into the market.


            This in a bold,  dark garnet colored wine  with ruby reflections, aromas of dark berries, plums and black currants and a taste that is full-bodied with vibrant fruit flavors,  soft tannins and a long finish. Pairs well with grilled or broiled meats such as lamb chops, anise scented lamb oso buco, loin of beef, game, spicy dishes and a wide assortment of cheeses.  Decanting is recommended in order to enjoy all the nuances and flavor of this fine wine. Serve at room temperature.